tisdag 22 november 2016


I've been active on social medias for at least the last 15 years (yes, I'm THAT old)! And years before that I enjoyed meeting new people in different chat forums and chat rooms online! In fact I'm still friends with some of those people, and greatful for it. But not once during all these years have I been met with as much disrespect and idiocy as I was today! And I refuse to be thankful for all those years without being treated disrespectfully, I'm still furious over this one isolated event that happened today! I deserve nothing less than being treated respectfully and kind - every damn day! We all do! No one, and I mean NO ONE, should ever need to be exposed to this kind of shit (excuse my language)! 😡 I'm not going to tell you in detail about what happened, but it involved snaps (a lot), a but naked man and some true nastyness! In a very bad way!

Of course I've blocked this person from my account, but as I know nothing about this person, not even a name - only his alias - I'm not sure that my action will make him stop. I've done what I can and I've reported him and his account, the rest is up to Snapchat. 

I will never tolerate or accept that kind of behaviour and I will never understand it! It's beyond me that anyone would think that it was ok to do that, to expose another person for anything close to that behaviour, without asking. It makes me furiously mad! 

I'm not making this a man against woman thing, although I could. To me this is as simple as it gets, you just don't behave like that regardless of being a man or woman. And I'm sure there are nasty and disrespectful women out there too. So if by chance any of you read this; just stop! Just. Stop. This is not how we treat each other! We're not animals! We're human beings! We should all know better!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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