måndag 14 november 2016

Great achievements

I know I talk a lot of my grandparents, and particularly my grandfather, here on the blog. They've ment a lot to me, and still does, so it's a natural thing to do. To honour them by writing about the efforts they've made to fill my life with love and happiness.

Of course they're not alone in doing that. Both my parents have been fighting hard to do the same during the years. As I wrote about daddy yesterday, I thought I would tell you about my mother today. :)
My beautiful mother! ❤️

I was always mummys girl when growing up. Sort of still am I guess! Mom has said quite a few times through the years that my sister always stayed grounded, steadily with both feet firmly on the ground, while I was soaring in the air just above. I've always been a dreamer, and in someways I owe thanks to my mother for allowing me to keep soaring above ground although I ought to have tried to put my feet back down. To let me dream. To let me live in my world of fantasies. I think it's because you in parts are just like me, mum! And I think you knew you had to let me be, and just see to it that I was safe while doing so. I imagine you could relate to that need inside of me that I had to feed with all my strange actions, thoughts, beliefs and fantasies. My very essence needed it.

So thank you mum, for letting me grow up there, above ground, to let me go wherever the winds would carry me. And most of all thank you for making me feel safe and so loved by you! Thank you for believing in my abilities, in my dreams and in me! Thank you for sometimes pushing me although I didn't know I needed it, and thank you for letting me make my own mistakes. Thank you for trusting in me and thank you for all the sacrifices you've had to make to keep us all safe and happy! I love you! We, all four of your children, love you! You're the greatest! ❤️


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