torsdag 3 november 2016

A long day

Some days at work just feels so much longer than others although you haven't worked more hours then you usually do. Today was such a day for me! And I know exactly why it felt long. It's really simple, I barely had time to breath today and although occupied by meetings almost all day and being focused and attentive at those, I knew the workload waiting for me at my desk! So, when I was done with all my meetings I still had a ton of things to work through, which I of course failed to deliver on! This means I will have to work a few hours tomorrow although I'm supposed to take the day off as we're celebrating All Saints Eve here in Sweden. But! I don't mind. I love my work, and sitting at my home desk working doesn't feel like a bad thing.
And besides, working from home means I could work in my pjs! That I like! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out

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