tisdag 8 november 2016

A day of great importance

Today is a day of great importance, for our entire planet. It's not "just another election" in the States, maybe it's never been that, but this Election Day will effect us all, greatly! It will effect the future of our planet and the future of mankind!

Why? Well, because one of the candidates doesn't even believe in global warming and climate change. He actually doesn't believe, or trust, the worlds most leading scientists that states facts about rapidly increasing temperatures (both in air and water), dying coral reefs and melting polar ice! This is the most important issue for me in this election, the only relevant question to get an answer to! How do we come together and save our planet? It's absurd and ignorant not to face the facts, and if I'd stoop to this mans level I would call him something nasty and degrading right about now (because that is what he does to women, immigrants and Muslims among others). But I won't! I'm not that kind of a human being and woman. I feel sorry for him, living in a world so filled with hate, ignorance and disrespect. Those are core values to me! I respect other people, no matter where they come from and although not always agreeing or liking their opinions. I do not hate and alienate, especially not people who are in pain and/or need my help. I believe that knowledge is power, and together with love and humility that will lead to change! To peace. To a healthy planet! 

So in all of this I just try to believe that this "ignorance" he shows about climate change either is a publicity trick - he knows the truth but he's trying to get votes from those with money that wants to see the business with fossil fuels expand not decrease as we should invest our future in renewable resources like solar panels and wind power to stop climate change. Or maybe he wants votes from the people who simply doesn't care about the environment? The other option, that  he just don't believe in it, is to unthinkable for me to grasp! Or could it be, that some kind of really, really big mistake was done when interpreting the scientific research either by his team or himself! Highly unlikely, right! But I don't know.
Either way! To me there is only one alternative in this election because I want my daughter, my future grandchildren and their grandchildren to live peacefully and safe, as equals on this planet, still enjoying its amazing nature and people from all around the world! 

So, I suggest we all put a smile on our faces today and that we treat each other with kindness and respect, although we're bound to feel/think differently about the choices we'll be making regarding our future! 

I also recommend that you all watch Mr Leonardo DiCaprios documentary "Before the Flood" before casting your vote today! Maybe you think none of the candidates are good enough to vote for, so vote for our future instead. Ignore the name of the two candidates, the gender, the scandals, the gossiping! Vote for our planet! Vote for humankind! That is the most important question of all! How do I help save our planet?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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