söndag 16 oktober 2016

Surprisingly easy

We're leaving for a three week holiday over Christmas and New Years Eve. I'm sure I've told you this already. So, in an attempt to fit into my new bikini I thought I should start working out! Well, that and building back muscles in my body so that I might get rid of my back pains (I kind of already fit in the bikini). 
So, surprise, surprise, I made it happen today! I went out for a power walk, but it was so darn cold I ended up running! Not all the way, probably not even half of it, but I was surprised by how good it felt! To begin with. But give me a few weeks maybe I could run all the way! Anyway, after a shower, dinner and putting mini-me to bed I'm now resting in bed. The cold from being outside seems to have made its way into my bones! I'm freezing like crazy! So I'm in my pjs and already in bed. Slowly getting warm again! I think I might use the gym for my runs from now on! I'm living right next to the gym since our move, not more than a 100 meters away, so no more bad excuses! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out

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