tisdag 25 oktober 2016

Pay it forward

Sometimes the heaviness of the miseries and anxieties that roams our world weighs on my shoulders, even though I'm not affected directly. Like it's transformed into a physical being or thing that grabs for me and push with all its might on my shoulders, trying to make me stumble and fall. To give in. To surrender to it. To be sucked into an existence where everything is difficult and hard. Where love is dark and weak. Where there are little hope of rescue.

We all fight battles. Some more than others. Some harder than others. Some fights are small, others life changing. Some are physical, others not. And some we win, some we lose. The important thing is to try. To fight! To never give up! To not carry that weight all alone.

And when you have won your fight and stand there, tall and high on your win, then fight for those around you! Those who are losing their struggles and their faith. Make some change! Help those who only see darkness, to see light. Help those hungry to eat. Give those suffering means to heal! Give those who have lost love - love. Comfort and care. Ease the weight on their shoulders.

To some, this is an effort not worth taking on. I respect that, I'm not sure I understand it, but I respect their choice. I can't help to wonder if it's because they don't have the energy or because they believe that they don't have the means to do it. I'm hoping  only very few chose not to do it because they don't care. Because I still believe we all carry with us a fundamental ability to care and feel. To sense the need. I must believe that, not to loose hope! 

Helping others doesn't have to cost you! Sometimes all you need is a smile! A smile to brighten the day for others! That smile might be their rescue! The act of kindness. An act of love. A sincere and simple smile! 
Pay it forward! Keep that smile on your face and trust in your ability to change the world while you do it! 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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