mÄndag 17 oktober 2016

Monday bubbles

I had a great day at work today, productive and fun! But in some ways really difficult. That is what I love about my work and the role of leadership. It's a constant trial that keeps me on edge and aware. But, this is not that kind of a blog! I will not discuss either difficulties nor challenges, or ways of reaching goals and achievements (leader or not)! This blog is about me, and the very essence of me, off from work. Nothing else. Or at least very little of other stuff! 😉
I know it's only Monday, but I couldn't resist a bubble bath (as if those are reserved for a special weekday😂)! And my back had nothing to do with it today! I'm just a bit sore after my run yesterday, so I thought some bubbles would make my leg muscles happy! I've made a date with my bestie tomorrow, whom just happens to be a PT. we're going for a power walk, and obviously he's chosen to take me to an outdoor gym... I'm going to hurt all over when he's done with me! But that's ok! I'm really determined to get in shape now. Preferably til I leave for Vietnam in two months! My goal is this:
This is me, 5 years back, on Maya Beach, close to Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. I'm hoping I'll be able to make it happen. Weight wise I'm probably already there. I just need to get some muscles back in the right places, like my core! 

But for now I'm enjoying my bubbles!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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