söndag 30 oktober 2016

Keep going

I promise you, this will not be a blog filled with inspirational workouts and living healthy tips (almost laughed my head of writing that and knowing who I am), but I just need to tell you that I didn't cave in. Although needing to fight with myself yesterday and not feeling as great as last week, I still went to my outdoor gym today. And I did good! Really good! I almost couldn't drive the car home because my arms was trembling so hard when lifting them to the steering wheel! And adding to that, my legs were like over boiled spaghetti! 😆
It's a really great gym, and today I was alone working out (not counting my little family).
I didn't feel totally into it when I left home, but coming there gave me energy! But, I have to get a membership at an indoor gym soon. It's going to snow this week, and I'm thinking that won't work well with the outdoor part of "gym".  ⛄️ 

Now I'm making dinner, galettes with smoked salmon, spinach, red onions, caviar and sour cream with lemon.  
What are you having for dinner today?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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