lördag 22 oktober 2016

Great friends

Today I met up with a former colleague and friend. We haven't met since May 2015, so it was long over due. 
We met up at a "konditori" (patisserie-based coffee house) here in Uppsala, named "Fågelsången", for what we call a "fika". That means we met for some coffee and biscuits or other sweets (or sandwiches). We had so much to catch up on and the time flew by! We parted with a promise that our next date, or fika, won't be a year away! ❤️

It's strange how you realise when meeting old friends that you miss them, but in your everyday life you just accept them not being there with you. Of course they're on your mind and in your heart, but they're not physically with you. I don't have a ton of friends but those that I have, I try to cherish the best I can and I try to make them feel my love through all available channels, like phone, mail, FB, Instagram and such. Anyway, I'll do my best to keep in touch this time (other than on FB or Instagram)! 
Besides meeting up with my girl, I've been going through old boxes today. And I found my old diaries! My gosh, the things i could read in those! I'm blushing just talking about it! I might actually have been in love with every boy in this world! And these diaries are from 1985 and onwards, so I wasn't even a teenager yet! There seems to have been nothing small and unimportant in my life during those years! My hormones were clearly running amok! And a simple question of going to the movies or not was HUGE! I could write pages on that issue, trying to find reasons for going and identifying reason my parents would say no - and then finding solutions for that! So funny to read. Maybe they'll come in handy for me as a tutorial when mini-me reaches that age! 😆
I also found a lot of old photos. Like this, of me, my twin sister and our super cool dad! Love this picture! ❤️ Can you tell which one is me?

Laters babes!

Over and out

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