fredag 21 oktober 2016

Friday night bubbles

I've had a great day at work today, really great! I love that feeling of accomplishment when you leave work, especially on a Friday. What a great start on my weekend! And I got my car back, as good as new! A new bumper, some new paint and a new hitch! That equalled three days of work although they'd told me it would take up to a week. So I'm super happy! 
I took mini-me to the stables this afternoon and she had so much fun riding a super cute little pony named Simon. I think he's a Welsh pony and he has the cutest face! As it's really cold outside and the children went riding in the forest (parents need to tag along and lead the horses) I almost froze my butt off! So when I got home, and after feeding mini-me and putting her to bed I laid down in a hot bubble bath! Really hot. So hot I could only stand it for twenty minutes! 😜 So now I'm feeling completely relaxed and warm! 

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with a former colleague and friend. I haven't seen her since May last year so I'm really looking forward to our date and giving her a big hug!

Now I'm going to lay in bed and enjoy the moment!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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