fredag 7 oktober 2016

Friday bubbles

It's Friday and a great one I might add! I cut my workday short, ending it at two (not counting the hour I worked tonight before dinner) and took mini-me to the stables and her riding lesson! I love going there! No matter how tired I am when coming there I always leave happy and full of new energy. More so when I'm doing the horseback riding myself, but it's almost the same watching mini-me learning! 
On my way from work to pick up mini-me from kindergarten and it's like swallowing a happy pill! 

But, I've actually had a lot of aches and pain in my back today, worsening in the afternoon, so I just lay down in a hot bubble bath to try to relax the muscles! 
I love bubble baths, and those of you who knows me by now is familiar to this fact! A few lit candles, a hot bubble bath and my Kindle...well, that alone makes my day! ❤️

Please! Hold your thumbs for me to have a pain free sleep tonight! I need it badly! đŸ€• A few more pages in my Kindle first though. 📚

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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