lördag 22 oktober 2016

Early morning battles

I'm up. No, not up - up. Just awake. I'm lying in my daughters bed, all alone, listening to the rain falling on the window sill. It's early. To early. It's cold. And it's still dark out. I'm mentally preparing myself for getting up, putting on my workout clothes (the really thick and warm ones) and leave to conquer a hill! That will be today's workout session. Running up and down that hill until my body forces me to stop. Not my mind. If my mind had any saying in this, I wouldn't leave this house or this bed! 😆
I'm just working on making my fingers losen it's grip on the pillow so that I can jump out of bed. It might take me another five minutes or so, but then I'm going. For real! Ok, maybe ten minutes, but then I'm going! Promise!

Laters babe.

Over and out

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