torsdag 15 september 2016

Work, work, worked

I've been working from home in the afternoon these three last days. And I've had a clear ambition to close my computer at 17,30 so that I could spend som quality time with mini-me before she needed to go to bed. But! Since the move into the city she rarely has time to spend with me after arriving home from kindergarten! That's because she's gain three new girlfriends in our apartment complex and they spend hours playing together after kindergarten! Yesterday she just had time to come home for dinner, and when hastily finished she ventured out again! So I had a lot of time off for work, closing up close to 19-19,30 each day. So I guess you could say I ended my workday early tonight when closing my computer just after 18! 
I noticed when arriving home today that I'd lost an earring sometime today at work. Strange how that could even happen without me knowing, isn't it! I haven't felt a thing, but it's obviously gone and lost! 

The last couple of nights I've been watching the series "Outlander" on Netflix/Viaplay. I'm on season two and by now really fascinated by the Scottish language (and beautiful Scotts in their kilts - especially a redheaded one listening to the name "Jamie Fraser" - or in real life - Sam Heughan😍)! I want to go to Scotland, now!!! 😜

I'd heard and read about "Outlander" quite a few times, but not really been interested in watching the series in the end, but last week two of my colleagues at work recommended it, so I started watching. And now I'm hooked! I love the story, that is both beautiful, insightful, awful, funny and terrifying at times. And I love the sceneries! What a beautiful country! At the end of season one my heart was filled with terror and disgust, but also a lot of love! And all those feelings continues on in season two so far! So, if you have still to discover this serie, don't hesitate! It's great! ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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