onsdag 14 september 2016

When best friends get together

Mini-me and Charlie the cat had a snuggle when coming back home from kindergarten today! I love the way those two love each other! Charlie sits inside the door waiting when we open the door, and he always gets super happy when we enter, stroking our legs and meowing intensely! And mini-me throws off her shoes and jacket before falling to the floor kissing and petting Charlie, asking him if he's missed her! And then it's time for some cuddles! ❤️

Today was the first day in a week that we've had a good day at kindergarten! That is, mini-me had a good day! And that means that for the first time in a week she hasn't cried for us during the day. But, the leaving her part is still not going well. She's still upset and crying when we leave. But atleast she's happy and content the rest of her stay now (or at least today). Tomorrow is the first time this week that I'm taking her there, and I'm kind of expecting her to be really sad (and me feeling heartbroken when leaving). But! I'm really going to try to get her to focus on everything else but me! Giving her pep talks and trying to motivate her! Fingers crossed! Maybe today was a turning point!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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