onsdag 21 september 2016

Two dates in one day

Today I've managed to date two of my friends and former colleges, one at lunch and one over a coffee after dinner! I haven't met my lunch date in about a year, so it was really fun to catch-up! And now he's moved here with his family so we don't have to wait another year for our next luncheon! đŸ‘đŸ»

I was hit by how much that happens during a year, but also how little things change at work. (In this case my old workplace). In some ways I believe we humans are more open to change than our processes are at work. Maybe it's because we're being affected in various ways by all that happens in and around our lives during a span of a year. And I can't help thinking that it would be preferred, in some cases, that processes and change in the workplaces ought to be more, or at least just as easily, changeable. It is after all us, you and I, that will make it happen at work too. Why is it easier to change as a person, than changing a process at work (ignoring the obvious, that changes at work often involves a lot more people)? I think about this a lot. And about why some people detest change like it's a lethal poison while others embrace it? Why do some fear it, and some seek it?

I love changes. I embrace change! I think that is the way we grow and learn. The way we're being challenged and keep evolving as humans! Sometimes I fear it, but although being afraid I truly believe that in the end of it I will make it through and I'll have learned from it. Sometimes it's a good lesson, sometimes a bad, but either way it will make me grow and become stronger!
Like facing your fears! It's hard as hell, but best case scenario you'll overcome your fear in the end of it all! 

Do you like change? Do you think it's easier to change your self, inside, than it is to change processes at work? Why/why not?

Laters babes!

Over and out

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