tisdag 6 september 2016


You know how Facebook helps us to share memories everyday? Today I got reminded about a happy moment four years ago! It was my first horseback riding lesson in my old breeches after mini-me was born, and that would be about 7 months after her birth.
Neither my breeches nor my boots are clean, but they rarely are after being in the stable. 😜

I gained over 25 kilos when pregnant with mini-me (picture Shrek without the green skin and you have a fair picture of how I looked the last weeks of the pregnancy), so it took me a while to get in shape! Therefore this moment was a really happy one for me, although appearing shallow to some! 

I were often told to cherish every moment with my daughter after she was born as time flies when they're babies. The first months I thought it to be more of a saying than anything else, but after a while I understood it perfectly. Time really does fly! I still can't believe mini-me's closing in on her fifth birthday! She's so precious, beautiful and smart! Our big girl! And I'm super proud of being her mum! ❤️ 

Laters babes

Over and out 

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