söndag 25 september 2016


Remember my blog entry not that far back when I talked about free cards? Like a "get out of jail free card". No, just kidding, it's more like a "if you (when married/in a relationship) ever meet this famous person and have the opportunity to connect with him/her, you have the permission from your partner to do so on whatever level". Get it? It's more like a funny thing, but serious enough that I've decided and communicated my decision to my husband! I know, it's hilarious and quite stupid, but still can't help myself!
And this ofcourse goes both ways! My husband has his opportunity to choose himself a free card as well. His not as dedicated to the task as I am though! 😂

Anyhow! Last time, talking about this "serious" matter, I revealed that my choice had fallen on Chris Hemsworth. Still a beautiful man and a good choice I think, but I've had a change of heart since then. So, friends, let me introduce to you, Mr Sam Heughan.
Mr Heughan is a Scottish actor/model that I first saw in the series Outlander which I told you about a week back. Love that series! Don't miss it! This picture is borrowed from Mr Heughans Instagram account. Great actor! And obviously a beautiful one as well! 😊

And ofcourse I need not bother to tell you all that this is all written with a laugh?! I'm not being serious, and I'm most certainly won't harass Mr Heughan, just admiring him from afar! I'm not really the "rabit boiling type of a girl"! 😂 And still happily married I might add! 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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