söndag 25 september 2016

Planning for vacation

We're leaving for Vietnam over our Christmas and New Year vacation. Yeay! So looking forward to this trip! The flight tickets are booked and now we're trying to book our stay on Phu Quoc Island. We're obviously a bit late in doing so because most hotel that we would like to stay at is already fully booked! But! Now we think we've found two hotels that will suite us just fine! Fingers crossed! Anyone that has been there? Please let me now if you have any must see and what not!

Today we had a visit from our best friends. They're the greatest and this was their first visit in our new apartment. Super special! And they gave us the nicest gift!
A salt and pepper mill  in brass and marble! Aren't they just lovely! Love them! Thank you my darling Jezz! You know exactly what makes me happy! Love you! ❤️😘

Now I'm making dinner and then I'm going to pack for our trip to Mallorca, Spain. We leave really early on Tuesday morning! Looking forward to that trip as well! Nice to prolong the summer if only with five days!
Laters babes!

Over and out 

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