onsdag 7 september 2016

New tables

Today we got our new kitchen table and living room table! So now we're really closing in on the finished result of our move! Almost everything has found its new spot! Except for the guestroom! It's still used as storage for unpacked moving boxes! And yes, we still have those! Mostly containing stuff that I'm not sure of yet if we're going to keep or not! 
The new table in the living room. Love it. I'm not sure yet on what to place on it, but I just had to show you a picture as soon as it was unpacked! ❤️
You'll have to ignore the untidiness, but i didn't see it when taking the picture (I was to happy). It looks better now, I can assure you that! 😜

Now I'm off to the shower. 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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