mÄndag 12 september 2016

Monday glamour

Monday is not my favourite day of the week, but a little glitter and glamour (read: "Snapchat filter") can turn any day into a great one! 😜
I'm spending my evening with mini-me and I'm doing it with a smile on my lips and a heart full of love! She's got a snotty nose again, but no fever. The germs at kindergarten seems to be hard to withstand this Autumn! We still work hard on getting her comfortable and happy at her new kindergarten, so this week we'll be trying to make her days there shorter. She's been sad the last few days when leaving her and during the day, so we're really hoping that a week with shorter days at kindergarten will help her to feel more comfortable there and not missing us as much. That, however, means that I have to work evenings to keep up at work. So I reeeally need that glittery glamorous feeling tonight! 😁

Laters babes!

Over and out

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