torsdag 29 september 2016

Lazy days

Well, today was no different from yesterday except for the rainy part! No rain today! And we spent it almost exactly like yesterday! Terrace pool for a couple of hours, then the beach and last, but not least the hotel pool.
I love the sun, and I loooove the beach! 
But the pool...Well let me tell you how I work! For me to go swimming, the water needs to be over +25 to 28 degrees Celsius. I hate swimming in cold waters and this pool đŸŠđŸ» we're no warmer than +20 degrees Celsius! Freakin' freezing cold! But, as being the great mother that I am😜, I stepped into the pool (in knee high water)! 

For lunch today I ordered a starter as I didn't really feel hungry. But my gosh what a plate they put in front of me! It was like five portions! 
Actually this is the case with every course I've ordered so far here in Spain. It's nice to know you get a lot of food for your money, but it's such a waste of perfectly good food! I've never finished my food here, actually I think I've only been able to eat like a third of each plate and I'm not a picky eater! 
So this is my leftovers, almost all the cheese because it was just to much, and more than half of the nachos! I almost feel embarrassed when the waiter comes back to collect the plates. 😳

Tomorrow will be our last full day here. We're flying back home on Saturday. We tried to convince mini-me to go into the city of Palma tomorrow but she doesn't wanna go, at all. She wants to go swimming, so I guess we'll do that. We'll be back to the island again, for sure, and by then she'll be older and more likely wanting to explore it than she does now, at four years old. And besides, thinking about the cold and winter arriving soon back home, I too feel more interested in soaking up as much sun and warmth that I can, loading my batteries for what's coming! 

Now though, I'm putting mini-me to bed!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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