lördag 3 september 2016


Mini-me and I went grocery shopping today and when we came out from the store, we met a woman who sat begging for money next to the parking lot. There's a debate going on nowadays here in Sweden about beggars. The last year we've seen a substantial rise in the number of beggars outside the big malls and grocery stores. Most of them refugees from countries in war. Our politicians are now suggesting to form a law to ban begging. I think that is insane, and really not a way to solve the real problems and issues. And as long as our government can't help them, what is wrong with them begging us to help them? I'm pretty sure they don't really want to sit there, exposed and probably humiliated by the fact that they have to ask for help in the first place! 

When mini-me passed the woman, she bent down and gave her the money I'd given her earlier in the store. The woman smiled with all of her face and said "Thank you, little princess!" to my daughter. When we sat in the car mini-me said: "Mummy, if you have money, you have to help those who have none!" My smart little girl with such a big heart! This isn't really a problem to her, we that have money should of course help those who have not! I tend to agree with her! ❤️
Let's help those in need with what ever we can! 

And to end this rather sad entry with something more joyful and easygoing, I'm finally finished unpacking all of our clothes! Yeay! And I've been to the recycling center and thrown away a lot of garbage from our kitchen renovation! The car was packed with junk and it felt great to get rid of it! What a good girl I've been today! Super efficient! 
And now I'm lying on my bed with back pains! I really have to get going with my yoga sessions again!!! đŸ‘đŸ»

Laters babes!

Over and out

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