mÄndag 19 september 2016


So I've found myself defeated by the cold this morning. My throat is soar, my chest aches after spending most of my night coughing like crazy and my nose is stuffy! And adding a slight fever to that, and there's not much to do than spending the day in bed trying to rest and to feel better. 
And yes, I've put my game face on as I had to leave mini-me at kindergarten. I'm just that shallow, I admit. I would most definitely not leave my house without it. I would feel both naked and ugly if doing so. I know, it's sad, and it's got everything to do with my confidence and self-esteem, or more so the lack there of! 😔 
I'm trying to be better. Learning to not be bothered by what others might think of me! But for now, game face on!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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