tisdag 13 september 2016

Colours of comfort

I can't help wondering about why most of ones (or is it just me?) comfort clothes are made in boring and/or nasty colours? You know, like a pair of pj pants. The ones I'm wearing today (actually slipped into them the minute I passed the threshold of my home) has a nasty skin like colour. It's not pink (that would be a nice colour), and it's not peach (not a favourite of mine either, but it would be better than "skin" colour). It's...just skin like. And before you ask, it was a set and the pj shirt was really cute (not skin coloured), so I had to buy it! And yes, I could throw them away, but in truth, they're really comfy!
And another thing! Why is it that you always manage to stain your comfy clothes? You can behave all day long at work, or when being at a dinner party, not even close to getting food or drinks on your clothes! But then you get home and when eating your dinner without any stress, this happens!
It's like a caveman awakes inside you when putting the comfy clothes on, and you just can't handle your fork and knife anymore! Nasty!

I need a shower! 

Laters babes!

Over and out!

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