lördag 17 september 2016

As time goes by

I know I've talked about this earlier on this blog, aging, but as it's something that lingers on and troubles me in the back of my head I can't help writing about it again. 

There's no escape. As time goes by, so do we. Whether we like it or not. The signs of aging marks our bodies in a variety of ways. Wrinkles, sagging skin, gray hair, bad eye sight, weak bones...the list is long. And I'm not ready to face it. The wrinkles, the gray hair...I'm just not ready! And it might make me shallow, but although I'm quite aware of my age and the fact that I'm regarded being old by rather a few generations younger than me now, I want to stay young just a little bit longer. I don't want more wrinkles around my eyes! I don't want my eyesight to lose more precision and sharpness! I don't want my body protesting when getting up from a kneeling position on the floor after playing with mini-me for an hour or two! I don't want gray hair! I'm a blonde, not an...greyish old lady! 

I want to look good! Feel good! And I want others to see that I do! I don't want time marking me, not yet! I'm too young to wear wrinkles with pride! 

Don't get me wrong, I most definitely don't want to be twenty again, not even thirty! I like my age. But I wish time would go slower, the aging, at least regarding the changes in my appearance! 

I don't like to threaten anyone, but this is getting rather personal! So, wrinkles, stay away! I warn you! I'll put up a fight! I won't go down before I've tried it all! Well...maybe not all. Surgery is not my thing! And that laser thingy...sounds lethal! And painful! Not my thing either! I'll try a few special eye serums...if they're not to expensive ofcourse, I much rather spend my money on traveling the world! Well then, I might not put up much of a fight at all apparently, but I would very much like it if you, time, could give me just a few more wrinkle free years? Please. Pretty please? Pleeeeaseee?!!!
Laters babes!

Over and out 

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