söndag 4 september 2016

Activity day

Sunday is really "mini-me-day" as we're focusing on activities for her. Taking her to both tennis- and swimming lessons. At the tennis lesson I sit in the stands, just watching, but when taking her swimming lessons either me or my husband needs to be with her in the water, helping her to learn how to swim. Today was the first lesson after the summer, and I went with her. It's a fine line, supporting her in the water but not too much as she needs to learn how to handle her self and her body in the water. And as she's scared of getting water in her face or in her ears, it's really hard to now where to draw the line. Without me helping her stay afloat, she can't do the exercises, but at the same time she's relaying on me doing just that and therefore she might not do the exercises the way she should. I guess we'll just wait and see. She needs to get a bit more friendly with the water, without loosing the respect she has towards it today.
Do you have activities planned with your children on a weekly basis too? Mini-me goes horseback riding on Fridays and takes tennis-  and swimming lessons on Sundays. She wants to start dancing as well and do gymnastics, but I think three activities a week is rather enough. Besides, they do gymnastics at kindergarten on Tuesdays, so I think that will satisfy her on that part. 😄

Now I'm off preparing for the work week ahead. I don't think I have any spare time left in my calendar this week at work. It's packed with meetings!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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