onsdag 31 augusti 2016

Wet, wet, water

We have water! In the kitchen. What a relief! Yet again I feel forced to say that it's the simple things that makes you happy. Like running water in your kitchen. And of course, all is relative, that might not be a simple thing everywhere in the world, and some would be happy just by the possibility to gain access to clear, fresh drinking water. I'm aware of this. But, nevertheless, today running water in my kitchen makes me happy! ❤️
I've been cheating some today. That is working although I shouldn't as I'm home with mini me on VAB - Vård Av Barn (roughly translated into: care of child). That means I get to stay home from work, tending to my daughter and still getting payed like 80% of my salary. Great isn't it! While I did that, work that is, Charlie the cat kept me company on the couch opposite mine. Mini-me sat on the floor, playing with her iPad. I love how cats seems to enjoy sleeping more than most. It always looks comfortable and relaxed! 

I'll be staying home with mini-me tomorrow as well, but on Friday I'll be back at work! She's been doing better today and I try to introduce more foods with different textures to learn what she's able to chew without pain, but also to challenge her to use her mouth/teeth again. She would rather eat pancakes for a month if I didn't, referring to the dentist telling us to only eat "soft" foods. To her that means that she can say no to potatoes, rice, pasta, sausages, meat and...well, about everything other than pancakes and ice cream (Thank you, dentist Tom). So today we tried pasta with a cream sauce. After some hard resistance she buckled and ate her portion! Victory! 1-0 to mummy! 
I've got to put her to bed now!
Laters babes!

Over and out 

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