fredag 5 augusti 2016

Well of course

Why expect simplicity when there are ways to make it complicated? Argh! I'm not in my best mood today, clearly! We found out yesterday when moving the fridge and freezer in our new apartment, that the parquet floor is water damaged (underneath the fridge/freezer)! So I've been on the phone today with our new housing society, and then their insurance company. And with the previous owners of the apartment. And my own insurance company and then the investigator and surveyor that will look into the water damage. A lot of calls!
So I could have had a better start to my Friday, that's for sure. But, I'm happy that our new floor and kitchen was delivered today! Hopefully we can start the renovation next week as planned anyway. We'll see what the surveyor has to say on Monday!

Layers babes!

Over and out

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