söndag 14 augusti 2016

Tummy ache

I slept really bad last night. I woke up with tummy aches and couldn't go back to sleep until the pain was gone. I lay awake over three hours, feeling sorry for my self. And today I've had tummy aches off and on all through the day. 🙁
And I think I know the root of the problem as I found out that a vitamin tablet I eat everyday (since two weeks) contains gluten! So I'm not taking them anymore (since yesterday) and hope that my tummy will go back to its pain free everyday life! Well, it's not always pain free (rather the opposite), but atleast I hope to be spared from this kind of pains. Since I started to eat according to the FODMAP diet in October 2015, my pains have lessen considerably! 

So now I'm resting in bed while mini-me plays with her grandmother and hubby is in the city, painting in the apartment with granddad. We've been to IKEA and checked out their wardrobes as we need to buy some to the apartment. And my mother in law looked at furniture to buy to their new apartment in Spain. A great day that only was dampened with my tummy aches. And speaking of, I need to rest! That means no more writing to you right now. 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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