onsdag 3 augusti 2016

To the movies

Today I took mini-me and her two cousins to the premier of "The secret life of pets". A really funny cartoon, but maybe somewhat scary in parts for my little girl. But, she climbed up in my lap and after that she could enjoy the film.
As we waited to be let in, all three girls were caught up in Pokemon Go. Well, mini-me doesn't quite understand it just yet, but she loves to listen in to her cousins talking about their catches. I got no clue how it works and have no interest in learning, so I just watch them carry on.

Now it's after dinner and I've gone against my better judgement (or really a promise to my self) and started reading a new book. I was supposed to start writing again after I finished off the last series I read (4 books), but I obviously couldn't contain myself. But, to my defence, this book is in the same genre that I'm writing so you could say I'm brushing up on my experience of it. Or? No, I know, I'm hopeless! A book worm! 😜
And here I lay, in my most comfortable sweatpants and a oversized t-shirt, super happy! I loooove my Kindle! Not my most photogenic moment but definitely most comfy! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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