torsdag 4 augusti 2016

This and that

One of my favourite things to do (besides reading and writing) is to work with the interior design of our home! And as we're moving in about three weeks I have the perfect opportunity to make some changes regarding our furniture! 
My husband's maybe not as exalted as me regarding these changes, but I think he'll be satisfied knowing I'm happy! And the shallow part of me that really love beautiful things, will surely be happy with some changes! 😜

Today I've been looking at a new dining table and chairs! And I need some advise here! I know my BFF Jezz will be reading this entry and she's the best interior designer I know, so her comments will weigh heavily in my decision. 😍
I'm quite convinced about my choices regarding the chairs! It will be these two models:
Two of these! Mixed up around the table with four of...
You'll find more models, pictures and the prices here:

So far so good. I feel fairly certain about the chairs, and even mixing different models! As mentioned, I have to convince hubby, but I hope he'll like them too!

The table is the difficulty part! I found a beautiful table that I absolutely love, and I know Jezz do as well because I've shown her the piece, but it's just to expensive = my husband will never go for it! 😁 
So, I've looked at three other designs that I think might work. Although, I have to admit I'm still really hooked on the expensive design...(which I'm not going to show you yet because I don't want you to tell me it would be the best alternative) 😜
Either this one!
Or exactly the same but with black legs. Or...
This one. Hmmm...or not this one! This would be like choosing your least favourite alternative because you were out of options and risking it would feel totally wrong when in place - but hoping for the opposite! Scary! 

I know these are small, insignificant problems and that there are a whole lot more important questions in our world today to talk about, but still I'm caught up in these for the moment. So if you feel like escaping the issues at hand in a worldly perspective, then hit me with your thoughts and ideas! And I would love new design suggestions! That will not cost me an arm and a leg!😄

Laters babes!

Over and out!

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