lördag 13 augusti 2016

The botanical gardens

Mini-me, my mother in law and me has spent the day in the botanical gardens here in Uppsala. It's a beautiful place and the flowers are amazing! 
Even mini-me likes it here!
And the atmosphere is lovely. I really liked this waterfall, or maybe just a stream because the fall wasn't that high.
But it's the flowers that speaks to me!
I could watch them for hours!
You might see a theme hear, all flowers purple or pink. But it's actually a coincidence! I didn't take pictures at first, passing some lovely blue flowers, but there were a lot of pretty flowers in other colours!
 These were my grandmothers favourite, or at least a flower that she always kept in here garden, sweet pea. Gorgeous!
And they come in so many different colours and structures. Love them!
And look at these funny looking cabbages (black I think)! Aren't they great?
And I kind of liked these as well. I'm not sure of their name, but I think it was "Spanish flag" or something close to that. It's unbelievable the way nature work, that it can create flowers with colours fading shades like this. 

Now we're back home. Mini-me and her grandmother is playing in the garden and I'm relaxing out in the backyard. My husband will be home soon and he's taking me to the movies! ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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