tisdag 23 augusti 2016

Sell, sold, sold

So hubby sold our kitchen table today, so now we have neither chairs nor table in the house! Guess we'll be eating from the floor until Saturday then! 😂
No, I'm just kidding! We still have the couches and table left in the living room so we'll eat in there. Feels good though, to get rid off the old furniture so easily! And that means less for us to carry on Saturday as well! 

Mini-me was stung by a wasp just as I got home from work today, poor thing! Still feverish and excited to see me she accidentally stepped on a tired wasp on the floor. She cried for about an hour and I tried everything thinkable to ease her pain. I know how much it hurts (I've had my fair share of close encounters with wasps through the years) so I suffered with her as her little toe got more and more swollen. But now she resting in bed, and the toe has almost resumed its usual size. I hope both her cold and toe are better tomorrow! I'll be keeping her company here at home, although working as much as possible at the same time. I have a meeting between 10-16 so I hope she's feeling better and can play next to me while attend it. We'll see! 

Now I'm off packing some boxes before turning in for the night! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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