fredag 5 augusti 2016

Reality check

So apparently I'm older than I thought. My body made that abundantly clear this morning when I tried to help my hubby to carry the new floor (750 kilos in total, each box weighing around 15-20 kilos) up the stairs to our new apartment. I guess my body felt betrayed as I hadn't eaten any breakfast (except from one banana), so I was hit big time by hypoglycaemia! I almost fainted, black spots in front of my eyes and feeling really nauseous and my body trembling and feeling weak! So I had to lay down on the floor and let it pass. No more climbing stairs after that (I went up and down with the elevator).
Some of you might say it was a stupid thing to do, and that it was expected! Regarding being old or not. But, in my defence, I used to not eat breakfast and has never been bothered by hypoglycaemia before. But, no, I don't usually carry a third of my own body weight and climb stairs while doing so on an empty stomach, I'll admit that. I usually sit in front of my computer at work... 😜

But I've learned my lesson today! I AM old, and my body need fuel to function correctly! 😁
Laters babes!

Over and out

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