tisdag 16 augusti 2016


So the packing of all our stuff has begun! Mini-me and I just spent two hours going through everything in her room. Every single toy, game or crayon that she owns. Me trying to give away some of her things that she has outgrown, and she refusing my every try. So we ended up packing just about everything (I managed to hide away some of the things she definitely won't miss). Her clothes and stuffed animals remains to be packed, but I'll do that just before leaving.
It doesn't look like much like this, six moving boxes, but it's a start at least! 😁

Now I'm getting mini-me ready for bed. She spent her first day at her new kindergarten today (her father and I split the day between us and were with her the entire time). It went very well, but understandably she really tired. It was a lot to handle for her, getting to know new teachers, children, routines and building/outside yard. But she did good and we're really proud of her! ❤️
She found new friends! ❤️ 
And I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight! I had a long day as I had to work when coming home from kindergarten with mini-me, and then finishing off with all that packing! And, that's how this entire week will look like for me! Leaving work at lunch to go be with mini-me at kindergarten. Coming home and fixing her dinner, working three hours while she play and then doing a few hours of packing after putting her in bed and then crushing in my bed just before midnight! Sounds funny, right! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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