fredag 26 augusti 2016

Nightmares from hell

I woke up terrified at 03,28 this morning. I had the worst nightmare I have ever had in my life and my heart was beating in panic! I was so afraid I couldn't breathe! I dreamt that mini-me was hit by a car right next to me and I could see her under the car, rolling. And when I got to her I held her in my arms screaming while she said my name in pain and terror. That's when I woke up! I feel the panic getting its grip on me even when telling you about this dream now, and I can honestly hardly breathe. I couldn't calm down this morning even after realising it was just a bad dream. Every time I closed my eyes I saw the image of her getting hit by that car. I woke my husband crying and he comforted me, but it still didn't help. So I lay awake until the alarm went of at six and then I ran into mini-mes room and lay beside her in bed and told her how much I loved her and how dangerous cars are. And how important it is that we always watch the road for cars before passing over the street. Of course I didn't mention the dream, I just needed to feel safe that she understands the dangers in being a small child and surrounded by a lot more cars now that we're moving! Maybe that has been bugging me all this time without me really realising it, hence the nightmare. I don't know, but it hit me hard! 

But, this have not been dampening our day! I picked up mini-me early (two in the afternoon) to go to her lesson in horseback riding, and she had so much fun (as did I). They got to trot for the first time and she was super excited about that! And did very well I might add! After that we went back to the apartment to fix some interior thingys. And after that we went back to the house continuing the packing! Tomorrow is the big move!!! Finally! But now I need to sleep! I'm exhausted! And tonight I wish for happy dreams! Please! ❤️
Tomorrow we start our new life, in the city! We are all exited and very happy about that! And obviously, as last nights bad dream told me, a bit anxious as well! Living here in our little village has made us feel a lot more safe than the city will, and that is absolutely a game changer now! We just have to live accordingly! But everything is relative, Uppsala is more like a really small village compared to big citys like New York, and last time I heard there are children living there as well! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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