tisdag 2 augusti 2016

Natures way

Today we've helped my sister and her husband to change the roof of a little house they keep on their yard for storage. It's not that big, about 15-20 square meters, and truth be told, the men did most of the hard work. 

While I sat talking to my sister I got to see nature at its hardest, and in some way finest, struggles - eat or be eaten! Atleast nature fight fair! 
I think (but please correct me if I'm wrong) this is a apocritian wasp and she (another guess) has caught this caterpillar to lay beside her eggs as food to the little ones when the hatch. But, it was obviously not an easy task! She tried to fly away with the caterpillar but she couldn't take the extra weight and fell back to the ground. So she carried it around for a long while, even trying to climb the wall of the house but fell yet again, before I lost track of her. The destiny for the poor caterpillar is not looking that bright either way. It didn't move, but I'm sure the wasp wanted it alive and to stay fresh for her little ones. đŸ˜±
Fascinating but so very cruel at the same time! Mother Nature works in mysterious ways! And as a writer I could get loads of inspiration if just twisting and turning the events a bit to fit our existence! Love it!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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