torsdag 11 augusti 2016

It's happening

The kitchen is really coming together fast! Our handymen are the best! 
The tiles will be white, about 10x20 cm in size, but we won't put them up until after the countertop has been delivered and put in place.
So all this wall space from the cabinets will bedressed with tiles. And yes, the cabinets are still in plastics to keep them safe from scratches while the handymen still got work to do. 
And here are the cabinet for the microwave and the oven (left) and space for the fridge and freezer.
The open space to the left is for the dishwasher. So, there you have it. Another sneak peek of our new kitchen. This weekend my husband is spending painting the walls togheter with my father in law. Mini-me, my mother in law and I will be spending it visiting museums, playgrounds and the botanical gardens here in Uppsala! Looking forward to that!

Tomorrow is mini-mes last day at her kindergarten here in our village. On Tuesday she'll be attending a new kindergarten in Uppsala. It's with really mixed emotions we'll be saying our goodbyes tomorrow. The teachers has been phenomenal and mini-me's loved every minute she's spent there. And we, as parents, have felt really safe with leaving her there, and she's learnt so much! We love them all! But, we're moving and that requires mini-me to change kindergarten. I just hope that she'll be as fond of her new place as she's been so far with her old one!
We've bought two large cakes to the teachers and all the children for tomorrow and I'm going to write them a loving thank you-note. And I'll be trying my best not to cry! 

But now I'm going to relax, reading (no surprises here) a book!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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  1. Maj gadd va snyggt det blir! Både golv o kök! Love love love it!!!
    Bestämt dig ang bord..? Såg ditt inlägg om det.. Tack för fina ord! Jag tycker det är supersvårt! Men med din superba smak kan det ju bara bli bra. :)
    Kramar i lass från Jessica

    1. Tack babe! ❤️
      Har bestämt mig, måste bara få med mig maken på tåget också... 😜
      Love u!
      Puss ❤️😘