tisdag 30 augusti 2016

It's getting there

Today the countertop was delivered and put in place! Finally, another step closer to have a fully working kitchen! Apparently it needed to rest 24 hours, but tomorrow we can have the tap, dishwasher and stovetop installed, and after that we have a fully working kitchen! I can hardly wait! Im getting tired of eating out already!
Lovely, isn't it! I love it! ❤️
And with the brass tap it's going to look even better! And then we have to wait for the tilers that will put up the tiles on the wall (white ones), but we'll be able to use the kitchen either way. 
 This was what I had to work with this morning, a lot of boxes to unpack in the kitchen. 
And I made it happen! And yeeees, still no new table in place! I just can't seem to find what I want! Heeeelp!
But...the wardrobes in our bedroom is still not ready. We have to anchor them to the wall, which is yet to be done as an electrical outlet is in the way and needs to be dismantled before we can continue. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow! Because...
 Our guestroom /office is drowning in bags with all our clothes! And this is making me irritated. I hate disorder and messes like this! I need it gone! đŸ˜±
Now I'm off to read to mini-me. She has no fever today, yeay, but her mouth still bothers her a lot! I've made her some pancakes that she's eaten and that feels like a giant step forward! I'll stay home with her tomorrow as well and then we'll see!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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