onsdag 17 augusti 2016

Issues of the heart

Sometimes it's really hard to be a parent. Heartbreakingly hard. And we've had to experience one of those times now when mini-me is changing kindergartens. It might sound small and insignificant to some, but to me and my husband these are trying times! You see, this process of changing kindergarten isn't as smooth and simple as we might have wished for. 

Mini-me has always loved kindergarten, ever since she started attending it at the age of 19 months. And she's attended the same one until today, aged 4,5 years. She had a lot of friends at her old one (besides her BFF whom she got to know there as well), and to get you to understand the love - the children could come running, calling out her name and giving her a group hug! And she would do the same to greet one of her friends! ❤️
She always said we picked her up to early in the day, that she wasn't done playing with her friends, and she loved her teachers!!!

She's now attended two whole days at her new kindergarten, both days accompanied by her father until lunch when I would take over. And it's hard to see her withdrawn and shy, trying her best to engage other children in play - and being refused. Yesterday she met a girl whom she seemed to hit it off with, but today the interest in mini-me had cooled off. She clung to my husband, and even started to cry when he tried to go to the bathroom. When I came she seemed a bit more calm and engaged in playing with one of the teachers, so I sat down outside in the corridor to give her space. But my heart broke when she again and again walked out to me and being sad, saying that none of the other children wanted to play with her. And in the car, on the way home, she cried and said she had no more friends. Begging me to take her back to her old kindergarten because she misses her friends so much! 💔

I've spent a lot of time this evening trying to boost her self confidence and urging her to go talk to the both the other children and the teachers whenever she feels left out or alone! And of course both my husband and I have talked, and will continue on talking, to the teachers so that they can help mini-me to make new friends! 

It's so hard to see your child so lost and alone. And knowing you are the reason for it! She was so happy before, and now, with the move and all the changes that brings, well...I can't help but to feel like a bad mum making her go through all this! I know that it'll change! We won't accept anything else! She will have new friends and she will be happy attending kindergarten, somehow/eventually! We'll see to it!!! But after today, I kind of feel a little lost my self. Lost in the matters of the heart! I wish with all my heart that tomorrow will bring change, in a good way! Her starting to get new friends and being happy at kindergarten again! ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out

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