måndag 22 augusti 2016

Hot baby girl

And I mean hot! Mini-me still has a high fever and a bad cough, so my husband will be home with her tomorrow as well. Poor thing! ❤️
 She's laying on the couch looking at "Macha and the bear" on the TV right now. I've just given her some medicine to take the fever down and will read to her before putting her to bed. 

Today my husband sold our old kitchen chairs and a large commode, and apparently someone wants to buy our old bookshelves too. Good thing that the furnitures get reused instead of just thrown away, don't you think! We sold off the old kitchen in the apartment too instead of throwing it out. And another great advantage by selling all this is that we don't have to drive it all to the recycling station! Here in Sweden you don't have to pay for throwing your old stuff/garbage out. You just take it to the recycling station and sort it into the right containers - like for example: plastic, corrugated cardboard, garden waste, steal/metal, paper, electrical appliances, hazardous waste and so on. A great service that makes it easier for everyone to make an effort for our environment! 
Now I have to put mini-me to bed. I bought her a new book today that I'm going to read to her in bed. It's about a horse so I'm sure she's going to like it! 🐴🦄❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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