lördag 27 augusti 2016

First night

So today weve been moving all day! We thought we had moved a lot all ready, but apparently we had a loooot of stuff left in the house! My sister and her entire family helped us all day and we are so thankful for their help! We wouldn't have made it without them! ❤️

So now we're here. Our first night in our new home! And my gosh what a mess it is right now! It's like we've thrown in an entire home in a small box and then shaken it hard! 😂 It's going to take us some time to make order out of this mess! 
We had a visitor just before leaving the house. A beautiful Peacock butterfly. It sat in my hand and didn't even try to fly away. Maybe it was a way to say goodbye, or just a thank you for taking away the butterfly hunting and eating cat! Morris the cat will surely miss her hunts in the garden but the butterflies can yet again fly over there without being killed by the black cat! 😜

Now I'm off to bed! Mini-me got a fever tonight and are sleeping next to me and my husband. I hope she'll feel better in the morning, she was so tired tonight. Feeling poorly again. It's only three days since she last had a fever. But we heard quite a few children at kindergarten were home sick, so she might have caught a new bug.

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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