torsdag 25 augusti 2016

Ending a long day early

I've been stuck in meetings all day at work today! I barely had time to squeeze in lunch! And after picking up mini-me and meeting up with hubby, we went shopping for some paint to our room and mini-mes. She wanted her walls to be painted in pink, gold and blue. I wanted her walls painted in white. So we compromised! She got one wall to paint in pink, and I chose the colour! So she got a soft pink, which I think will satisfy us both - meaning hubby/daddy doesn't have to repaint the wall in a few months! 😜
In Swedish it's called "puderrosa" and translated that means powder pink. 

In our bedroom I chose a much bolder colour, but I'm hoping it's going to look great!
Number two from the top down, called "1973 antikgrĂ„", translated to antique gray. I wanted an even darker shade, like the third, or fourth down, but I lost my courage and went with the slightly lighter one. I'm really more of a white-wall-kind-of-girl so this is a huge step for me! Scary! But I really think it's going to look great! Fingers crossed... 😁

Today I sold off two armchairs that I couldn't find any room for in the apartment, so now we've gotten rid of (sold) all the furniture that we won't bring with us in the move! Feels great, and all the buyers have been super nice and congenial! I hope they'll be happy with their new furniture! And I'm happy that we got a contribution to our new kitchen table that we still haven't bought! Need to make that happen! 
Now I'm turning off my phone for the night! A quick shower and brushing my teeth, then I'm jumping in to bed! Thank you for stopping by!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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