fredag 12 augusti 2016

An eventful day

Today we said our goodbyes to mini-mes kindergarten teachers and friends. She wasn't sad at all, just happy and eager to leave. Me on the other hand, couldn't keep the tears from falling. They've made me feel safe, that I can trust them to care for mini-me, and I'm really going to miss that! But! Hopefully I'll get to feel the same trust with mini-mes new teachers! 

After leaving kindergarten, we left for riding school and mini-mes first lesson! She was so expectant and happy all the way there and the feelings carried on during the entire stay! She got to ride a Shetland pony, tiny and super cute, named Nisse! 
Her cousins joined us and they helped their little cousin to care for Nisse, and prepare him for the lesson.
Mini-me even looked tall riding Nisse! 😍 
Now we're looking forward to the next lesson. Apparently she'll be riding Nisse then as well, and the lesson after that is with a new pony. Good tactic, I'll say! Then you get to know your horse a bit before changing! 

 Now I've got to sleep! I'm so tired!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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