fredag 22 juli 2016


We're back at the hotel after a wonderful day! We started this morning with a few hours at the rooftop pool. The sun beds are cramped at the small space and the pool itself is very small, but the view from there is amazing! I didn't take any pictures of the view today, but I'll be sure to do that!
There's no parasols up there, so I was left to lay in the sun, but some occasional clouds made it bare able! And just as I thought my skin had had enough sun, it started to rain! So we left for some lunch and sightseeing instead! And of course, when we left the hotel the sky was still a bit greyish, and we were dressed accordingly (prepared for more rain). Like two minutes after we'd sat down on the Tram the sky went clear blue! So it's kind of been a hot afternoon! 😜
After lunch down at the beach, we walked all the way to Segrada de Familia! Such an amazing and beautiful building! Last time I saw it (like 5 years ago) there were a lot more building going on, so I was happy to see new parts of it this time!
It was packed with people everywhere!
The design of Segrada de Familia is inspired by nature, and all the different and amazing details everywhere are truly easy to relate to nature! Love it!
The details are just spectacular! 
A must see if ever visiting Barcelona! 

Before walking back to the hotel, we stopped at Starbucks for some refreshments!
It's always fun to see how they'll spell my name! They didn't get it right this time, but kind of close! I had my usual coconut chai latte, and hubby tried a refresh lima (tasted mostly mint, with a splash of lime). 

Now we're off to bed! It's been a long day, with a lot of walking (like 16 000 steps if my iPhone is correct), so my feet needs some TLC! 

And of course we're following the terrible news of the shootings in Munich on Sky news. I'm heartbroken and so sad to learn that once again innocent people are killed by terrorists or madmen! My thoughts are with the victims and their families! As said before, I still believe in a world without violence, hate and death! We just have to make it happen! We are the ones who have the power to change the world! You and I! We must stand together against hate and terrorism! Love conquers all!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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