söndag 24 juli 2016

Sunday funday

Just woke up to a lovely day! Clear blue skies and a Sunday quiet (?) Barcelona awaits us! As we leave for home tomorrow we thought the best way to spend our last day here is by going to the beach! So that's where we're going! But first I thought I would show you the nice lobby of our hotel here in Barcelona, Silken Diagonal.
The entrance to the wright and the bar to the left. Kind of feels like you're walking straight into the bar actually, if I where them I would have placed the bar further in, or built a wall to shield it off a bit from the entrance. I would much more prefer to be overwhelmed by the grand interior at first sight, than by a bar.
A sitting area to the Wright of the entrance and views out on the street. Could be nicer I think. Chairs and tables needs a makeover!
And the wall opposite the reception, all in copper. Beautiful! I don't get the floor tiles though? The elevators are barely visible in this picture, but they're there. And at the end (left) of the lobby is the restaurant and a café. 

I'm sure you can find much nicer picture on their website or just by Google it, but this will atleast give you an idea of it! It's clear that this once was a really beautiful hotel, but it could really need some TLC here and there. Well worth it's money though, don't get me wrong! I'm just saying, don't expect top notch! 

Now we're off!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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