måndag 4 juli 2016


Today we've spent the entire day with mini-mes best friend (and future husband if we parents had a say in the matter 😜👍🏻) and his mother (one of my best friends) and sisters. And it's been absolutely fabulous! While the children played my girl J and I sat talking about this and that! We're very alike, in heart and mind, and both crazy about interior design, so of course we spent a lot of time talking about that. 
I love days like these! Happy children running around playing and laughing, only stopping for lunch and some dessert, and us mums chatting through it all! So thank you J, for a great day and delicious food and dessert! Your the best! Love you to bits! 
Fresh strawberries, chocolate cake (gluten free) and whipped cream! It doesn't get much better than this! Loved it!

All good things comes to an end, and mini-me and I almost had to run home when leaving. The sky had gone dark with heavy rain clouds, and as I'd left home without an umbrella we had to walk fast to avoid the rain. Well, I walked and mini-me biked, thankfully, otherwise we wouldn't have made it all the way, untouched by the rain. 👍🏻
I sat down on the couch when we got back, and accidentally took a nap! Which mini-me kindly documented for me with a picture or two (more like twenty)! I guess needing to nap is a sign of me heading into vacation mode! Or just getting old!!! 😜
But now I'm up and about again, making dinner! Tonight I'll force myself to sit down and write! I don't want to be the one only talking about writing I want to actually do it, and just talking about it won't make me reach my goals!

Laters babes!

Over and out

4 kommentarer:

  1. Tack själva för en toppenmysig dag! Och tack återigen för alla kläder... Så otroligt uppskattat.
    Älskar dig darling!
    Kram Jessica

    1. Inget att tacka för, darling. Det känns bara bra att småtjejerna får återanvända dem!
      Älskar dig med! ❤️

  2. sounds like a beautiful, relaxing time you have had