söndag 3 juli 2016

Me before you

I saw a movie yesterday that truly touched my heart. "Me before you", with beautiful Emilia Clarke and handsome Sam Claflin. Based on the book with the same name, written by Jojo Moyes. It made my heart fill with both laughter, love, joy, disbelief and sorrow - and that just under two hours. Both Mr Claflin and Ms Clarke were outstanding in their portraits of the caracters and their feelings. And ofcourse, I haven't read the book so I might be wrong here. But the most important thing is that you can feel the sincerity and authenticity in the caracters, so that you feel that this happens to them - they're not just pretending that it do. I know thats a contradiction, but I think you know what I'm trying to say. So, if you'd like to see a movie that truly will open up and touch your heart. Then see this one. I can't let it out of my mind and I've found myself thinking of them, the main caracters, over and over again today. Trying to understand, the why and the reasons behind it.
As some of you know I'm writing on a new project, and for the first time ever I'm venturing into fairly unknown grounds as I'm giving this romance genre a try. Im a romantic at heart, but it seems to be a huge difference between being a romantic and writing romance. But it's fun! I've done tons of research, by reading well over 100 books in the genre since I started this idea sometime last summer. I believe in my story, and I've gotten great response from those who read what I've written so far. Maybe this will be my thing eventually! I'll do my hardest to have it ready in the autumn! 😃
Laters babes!

Over and out

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