söndag 3 juli 2016

Making the day special

Today was all about mini-me. I remember the amazing summer holidays I spent growing up. I've told you this before, how I spent my summers at my grandparents who lived at Tullgarn, south of Stockholm. It's a Royal summer palace, built in the 1720s. Ofcourse, we're no royals, so my grandparents rented a house on the palace estate. So that's where I spent my summers growing up! Running around on the meadows, exploring the palace grounds (which ofcourse were so not allowed), playing and jumping around in the hay loft (also not allowed) and picking the most amazing bouquets of flowers. My grandmother loved that, you see, getting huge wild flower bouquets! And my grandfather loved to teach us about every flower we found. We sat down in his office and he picked out flower by flower, and told us its name and where it liked to grow.

So mini-me and I went on a walk today. Well, actually she biked while I fought to keep up with her. We stopped at her favourite playgrounds and when she was done playing we looked at all the flowers around us. Like this beautiful red clove.

And anything in the colour purple is a favourite to her.

But white is ok too, although she's not that interested in the flowers growing on a bush. I guess it's because they can't be picked and placed in a bouquet. And I have to admit, I haven't got a clue about what they're called.

So, not even this sweet pink thing interested her.

Just next to the largest playground we have here in the village is a parish house, and today we walked behind it for the first time. And look what we found! It's like church without the roof. So peaceful and beautifully situated on a slope, and just beneath it in the end of the slope is a cute little stream.

Mini-me, like almost all children, was fascinated by the water.

We'll be sure to go back to this beautiful spot!

I love these precious moments with mini-me. And the opportunities to give her memories that hopefully one day will mean as much to her as mine do!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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