söndag 24 juli 2016

Lazy day on the beach

Although staying in the shade the entire day I managed to get sunburned this last day of vacay in Barcelona! But, it's not super bad, just a hint of pink/red on my legs. It must have been all the walking in the sun that finally got to me! 😜
I think I might never again, after today, be able to say that the beach back home is cramped with people! It was crazy at the beach today! There where literally no place left on the beach to lay down on! We got there early so we got the best sun beds in the front row, right next to the sea! But it seems that everyone went for the beach today, and somehow they all found a spot! 😂
We left around four and went to a great restaurant at the end of the beach, Onac.
Don't miss this place if you visit Barcelona! Super nice in all the ways that counts! Great food, super nice staff and lovely environment! And affordable prices although situated so close to the beach! You find them at Instagram: @onac_bcn
I'm not a great drinker, but I do like a good mojito, and that's what I got there today! Just the right amount of alcohol (which is the main ingredient that I kind of don't like the taste of) and great taste of brown sugar, mint and lime! đŸ‘đŸ» Thumbs up (although I didn't finish it all)!
And then we had this amazing burger with poached egg, bacon, cheddar cheese and potata bravas! I actually think that this is the only dish, besides the paella I had our first day, that felt like proper food! A full meal! Don't get me wrong, I love tapas! I do! But it always feels like I haven't eaten, just nibbled on something, when I'm finished! And! As I don't eat gluten, it isn't much on the menus that I've been able to order! They're really bad at gluten free alternatives here in Spain! We went to McDonalds yesterday just to get us a burger but they had nothing to serve me as they didn't have gluten free bread and they couldn't offer me an gluten free alternative. That was a surprise! And as many of the small restaurants we've visited had no one in the staff speaking English and I don't speak Spanish, it's been really hard to find out what's safe to order and what's not! But at Onac nothing of that was a problem! We understood each other well and they made and served the burger without any bread! And it was really good!

Tomorrow we're going back home and it actually feels great although having a great vacay here in Barcelona! I'm really starting to miss our little girl bad, and today when we spoke on Skype she was a bit sad and really missed us being there with her! Skype is great, but real life hugs and kisses are better! ❤️
Thanks for being with me on this trip you guys! Barcelona has lots more to offer than I've shown you so go visit!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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